Austin Animal Center to Restrict Intakes to Emergencies Only

The Austin Animal Center now has more than 700 animals at the shelter, including 67 dogs living in temporary popup crates due to space issues.

“Shelters nationwide are struggling. We really need community members to foster or adopt a dog,” said Assistant City Manager Stephanie Hayden-Howard. “Maintaining our No-kill status takes a village, and our City shelter can’t do it without you.”

Due to the significant overcrowding problem the Austin Animal Center has continued to face, it has made the decision to temporarily restrict the intake of all non-emergencies starting September 13. Intake will be limited to emergencies only, including animals that are injured or present a clear public safety risk.

Each situation will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, the shelter says.

Austin Animal Center continues to waive all adoption fees and will hold a “Clear the Crates” adoption event on Saturday, September 17. Every dog available for adoption staying in a crate will be located in a tent on the front lawn starting at 10 am.

If you need assistance with an injured animal, you’re asked to take the following steps:
• Call 311, advise them that you need assistance with an injured animal and ask to speak with an Animal Protection Officer.
• Wait for the Animal Protection Officer to come pick up the animal. Do not bring the animal to the shelter.
• If you have found a loose pet that is not injured, please review the Pet Reunification Guide.

Currently, the Center is open for adoption and reclaim Monday through Saturday from 11 am to 7 pm. Starting Sunday, September 25, the center will reopen for adoption and reclaim on Sundays.

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