Austin changes its plan to spread $15-million among music venues, daycares, and legacy businesses

Austin City Council changes plan to spend Relief money on music venues, businesses and day care

Austin’s Music venues and legacy businesses will get an initial $1.5-million in relief from the city.

The City of Austin is taking money from $2.3-million in Transportation Department fees and putting them into a business preservation fund.  Mayor Steve Adler says the initial $1.5-million is a short-term lifeline, “They can move immediately with emergency relief so that people don’t die in the next few weeks while they’re going through that application.” The City is wants to pump $5-million into music venues and legacy businesses.

Mayor Adler says this is more about long term stability, “we can’t loose the music industry, but if we can save a core element of it, put it in a position so that it can survive and thrive in the industry as opposed to helping people survive the next three or four months.” The city will work over the next few weeks on long-term strategies to keep music venues and legacy businesses alive and thriving.

The city has laid the groundwork for $5-million in relief to go toward day cares.

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