Austin to Receive $11.4 Million for Homeless Programs

Homeless man on the street

The City of Austin is now eligible to receive $11.4 million of HOME-American Rescue Plan funds, which would be used to address homelessness. The city is actively seeking public input on its proposal, which is being referred to as an allocation plan.

The public comment period is open from May 3rd through June 10th.

The American Rescue Plan allocated $5 billion to assist people who are homeless, or at risk of homelessness, across the nation. This one-time funding of up to $11.4 million for Austin can be spent on various homeless-related projects, including:

  • Supportive services;
  • Acquisition and development of non-congregate shelters;
  • Tenant-based rental assistance;
  • Development of affordable rental housing;
  • Non-profit operating expenses; and
  • Non-profit capacity building.

To comply with federal requirements, the city must submit its allocation plan to the Housing and Urban Development department detailing how exactly the city plans to use the $11.4 million grant.

For more information, and to view and comment on the draft HOME-ARP Allocation Plan, visit the following link:

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