Austin’s Covid pandemic is getting worse


Travis County’s COVID-19 numbers are moving in the wrong direction. Area Health Authority Dr. Mark Escott says the moving average of new COVID hospital admissions have hit 18 a day, and UT reports a near 90% chance the pandemic is getting worse.

He believes this growth of infections, hospitalizations, and UT predictions are proof that people have grown tired of the stringent COVID recommendations and orders and are starting to play it a bit loose when it comes to masking, social distancing and going out.

He says now is not the time to cut loose, rather people need to cling tighter to the rules, if they want the next few holidays to go better than what some medical professionals are fearing. “Because we can change this forecast. Right now Halloween doesn’t look to bad, but Thanksgiving is going to be ugly, if we don’t change our actions now.”

He adds across the US there is growing evidence of a second COVID-19 surge and the Austin area is no different.

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