Lakeway Issues Warning Following Massive Weekend Party

The City of Lakeway is expecting its number of new coronavirus cases to rise sharply in the coming week or two.  The reason: a party involving up to 300 teens last weekend, many of whom were students at Lake Travis High School.

“Our case load is probably going to increase,” said Mayor Sandy Cox.  “There were students in attendance that were positive for COVID-19.  Unfortunately, they went to that party and some of them didn’t realize they were positive until after the party.  But, therein lies the exposure, and it was a very, very large party.”

Test results were actually pending at the time of of the teens attended the party, and it is those test results that have since come back positive.  Because of the potentially high number of exposures at the party itself, as well as when the teens returned home, Cox says you should not hesitate if you believe you might have had contact with someone who was infected.

“We need anyone that went to that party to isolate for 14 days.  And, if you’ve been in contact  with anyone else since that party, they need to isolate for 14 days.  If you are symptomatic, go get tested,” said Cox.

Austin Public Health has begun contact tracing of those who were in attendance.

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