Pflugerville to Seek New Ambulance Contract with Travis County

Pflugerville City Council takes another step toward creation of a major mixed-use development

The Pflugerville City Council this week has authorized the city manager to enter into contract negotiations for emergency medical services with Travis County ESD No. 2.  This comes a little less that two months after a mutual decision was reached to terminate the city’s contract with Acadian Ambulance Services.

“The best way for us to proceed that is not only in the best interests of our constituents – our taxpayers – but this organization, is to enter an agreement with Travis County ESD No. 2 while jointly pursuing a way to combine our resources and commit to providing quality and fiscally-responsible service to our residents as a united long-term public service provider” said Councilmember Ceasar Ruiz, a member of the Public Safety Subcommittee.

While outlining the reasons they recommended the City of Pflugerville contract with Travis County ESD No. 2, which includes level of service, track record of patient care, and more, members of the Pflugerville council also discussed the need to continue to address Travis County ESD No. 2’s funding, and Pflugerville voters’ opposition of an additional tax last November which could have helped fund EMS service in the city.

“Our only option for ambulance services without additional costs to Pflugerville residents is to use a private provider, but ultimately Travis County ESD No. 2 has established infrastructure, stellar staff and interagency relationships giving them a local advantage” said Councilmember Kimberly Holiday, a member of the Public Safety Subcommittee. “I am proud of this council for addressing EMS care and making tough decisions for our residents.”

Service expectations, price, and a date for the transition to take place will all be discussed at a future council meeting.


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