Save Austin Now launches new pro policing petition

APD Uniforms

The nonprofit behind the reinstatement of Austin’s camping ban is out with a new push aimed at policing.

Save Austin Now is collecting signatures on a new petition, this time to get an ordinance onto the ballot that would force the Austin City Council to significantly increase staffing levels, and also reallocated money back to APD that was taken last year.

Among the supporters is Central Texas Congressman Chip Roy. He says APD can’t sustain the path its on, “we’re going to have a 10% reduction in our senior law enforcement personnel, we don’t have the cadets right in line to get in place.  We have numbers of 1999 levels of policing.”

If the City Clerk verifies enough signatures, voters will decide on the policing ordinance in an election this November.

Safe Austin Now petitioners are looking for 50,000 signatures.

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