Staffing Forces Monday Closure of Georgetown Animal Shelter

Due to staffing shortages, the Georgetown Animal Shelter will be had to remain closed Sunday, June 19.  As of Monday, the staffing issue continues at the shelter, forcing another day of closures.

Until shelter operations return to normal, the city recommends you try to reunite a lost dog or cat by seeking out their owners online via social media.  You may also take the pet to a Georgetown fire station to have it scanned for a microchip.

If you or your neighbors cannot safely care for the animal during this time, the city asks that you call Animal Control at 512-930-3510, ext. 6.

Officials anticipate returning to its normal schedule on Tuesday, June 21.

“We apologize for any inconvenience. With this plan, and with the community’s help, we can make sure the animals in Georgetown still get the care they need,” shelter officials said.

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