Texas agrees $45m for film industry incentives

Film Crew

Many movie makers in Austin are happy as Law makers agree on funding the Texas Film incentive program.

The Texas Moving Image Industry Incentive Program gives cash grants to productions based on how much they spend in Texas and by how much they pay Texas workers.

This legislative session, lawmakers decided to budget $45-million on the program, down from $50-million from last session. Mindy Raymond with the Texas Motion Pictures Alliance says with the year that Texas has been through, she’s still happy.

“With everything going on with COVID and the storm of the century happening here in Texas, we just feel very fortunate.” said Raymond.

During the budgeting portion of the legislature, the Texas House actually slashed the program entirely, but the State Senate and Governor backed a 10% cut to the program and pressed on for $45 million.

Raymond says for every dollar spent on the program, the film industry adds $5.11  to the state economy.

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