Walker Texas Ranger reboot scores Austin incentive deal

Film Crew

Note: Interview was recorded before Austin City Council’s October 15th approval of the incentive deal.

Austin City Council approve a $141,000 incentive deal with the film company Eye Productions.

Eye Productions is set on bringing the Walker Texas Ranger reboot “Walker” to Austin’s streets and the surrounding metro area. The company pledged the TV Series will bring to the area more than $17-million dollars in wages alone. The Texas Motion Pictures Alliance’s Mindy Raymond said, this represents a great return on investment by the City leaders.

Since the covid pandemic began, Raymond explained, the local film and entertainment industry has been a bit split. Those on the animation, online, and video game side have kept busy and working almost even more during the shutdowns.

But traditional film crews and others in the industry who by trade work face to face have been for the most part out of luck and out of work. For those workers Raymond said, this project will literally create local jobs. By her count, the “Walker” production will be one of the largest production in Texas.

Eye Productions also said it’ll be bringing with those wages, about $5-million in additional spending, Raymond explained that have a big ripple effect on the local economy by way of coffee shops, restaurants, hotel rooms and more.

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