Williams Presses Pelosi for ‘Save Our Stages’ Vote

As numerous live music venues stand at the precipice of permanent closure, Austin Congressman Roger Williams has continued his months-long push for the passage of the Save Our Stages Act, which would provide $10-billion in federal grants for venues from coast-to-coast.

“During the pandemic, these venues have been hardest hit as they were the first to close and will be among the last to reopen due to safety restrictions and government mandates,” Williams said this week. “They generate billions of dollars into our national economy and create thousands of jobs every year. They are a cultural staple in Central Texas, and the 25th District, unlike any other place in our nation.”

The Save Our Stages Act is said to have plenty of bipartisan support.

Similarly, Austin musicians on Thursday are rallying at Austin City Hall in hopes of pressing the council to free up anywhere from $2-million to $5-million worth of federal SAVES Act money to be immediately allocated toward local music venues.

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