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Sam Allred fired from KVET....

Sam Allred fired from KVET

Co-host, callers this morning expressed their sadness at his departure

By Eileen Flynn, Miguel Liscano and Joshunda Sanders
Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Sammy Allred, a veteran radio host for KVET 98.1, has been fired from the popular "Sammy and Bob Show."

"I have been there for over 35 years and have won all the awards," Allred said when he was reached by phone this morning. "If I understood anything about all this, I would let you know."

Bob Cole, Allred's co-host for the morning show, fielded calls today from listeners who expressed their sadness about Allred's departure. "It's a personnel matter, and as such, I haven't been told about it," Cole said.