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"Star Wars" Geeks Will Geek-Out....Inside George Lucas' Skywalker Ranch....


Inside George Lucas' Skywalker Ranch

Writer Geoff Boucher gains unprecedented access to the spread, home to Indiana Jones’ hat, a phenomenal soundstage and 21 Japanese Wagyu cattle. Join him on his quest, for a rare look inside.....

By Geoff Boucher
Los Angeles Times Staff Writer

The uninvited have been coming to Skywalker Ranch for decades, all drawn by the Force, however they choose to define it. Some don camouflage parkas and hike over the leafy Marin County ridgelines, while others drive right up to the front gate and try to con their way in, as if you could enter Valhalla on the grift. Once in a while a wild-eyed intruder will show up, but mostly it's just fans who want to hand their résumé to the great and powerful wizard or simply touch the hem of his Jedi robes.

No, none of it makes sense, but then an overheated mind can bend logic, especially when it comes to profit and prophets.

The funny truth of it is that most of the pilgrims have no clue as to what they would find if they did get past the gate. There may be no more mysterious piece of real estate in California than Skywalker Ranch, the 5,156-acre spread that is the spiritual center of George Lucas' vast entertainment empire. Is it some tycoon's citadel of self, like Hearst Castle? Or, far worse, a sci-fi version of Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch and its creepy calliopes? Do dutiful Ewoks tend to the property like Willie Wonka's Oompa-Loompas? The imagination runs wild, and I doubt anything could make the master of the manor happier.