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Monica Lewinsky Just Reminded America That She is a Victim Too

A lot of things from the 90s look different in the rear-view mirror. Friends doesn’t seem half as funny as we’d thought, that dark lipstick isn’t nearly as cool as we’d hoped, and Monica Lewinsky isn’t quite the villain we were sure she was. Thanks to our pussy-grabbing, Pocahontas-slurring commander-in-chief, we’re no longer living in a time when we expect our president to comport himself with dignity and poise. But in 1996, we were still reeling from losing O.J. Simpson as a national hero; we weren’t remotely ready to view President Bill Clinton as a sexual predator. In those days, the Anita Hills and Paula Joneses were largely cast as nuisances if not outright liars. Paradoxically, Monica Lewinsky was crowned biggest troublemaker at all – for telling the truth.

Things are different today, though. This is the #MeToo Age, and the only public split seems to be between those taking a perverse pleasure in watching icons like Weinstein and Spacey fall and those who are legitimately hurt by hearing apologies from beloved figures like John Lasseter and Charlie Rose. It has taken until 2017, after we have accepted that our presidents will not necessarily act presidential and our heroes will not necessarily act heroic, to begin the long-overdue reframing of Monica Lewinsky.

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