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The Rundown | August 31st, 2017

Photo by MANDEL NGAN | Getty Images

On todays todd and don show:


Austin ISD has announced a plan to enroll children displaced by flooding for the duration of their displacement. The goal of this plan is to keep students from falling behind in their education due to flooding.

Sally Hernandez is defending a lack of response to Hurricane Harvey by stating they never received a “mutual aid request”. The Statesman found officers were told to stand down instead of responding to Houston. What do you think, this is our daily poll question.

Harvey could cause the price of beef to skyrocket. More than 1.2 million cattle are in counties declared disaster areas, or about 27% of the total cattle for beef production. While it is too early to see if Harvey will affect beef prices, the futures markets aren’t huge fans of such uncertainty.

The #Cosby #Arkema plant experienced double explosions due to a loss of power from flooding. The plant operators say, it’ not a matter of if more explosions will occur, but when. The plant requires a constant source of electricity to prevent runaway chemical reactions. Harvey cause the plant to first lose power from the grid and then lose power from backup generators after water caused them to fail.  

A federal judge has stopped SB4, also known as the anti-sanctuary city legislation, ahead of its implementation on Friday. The bill would have forced local law enforcement to honor all immigration detainers regardless of an immigrants criminal history, the point of contention for the judge was the lack of discretion for immigrants who, otherwise have no criminal backgrounds.


We speak with Leticia Mendoza of H-E-B and discuss the current efforts to bring food and relief to the areas affected by Harvey.

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