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Waco Upset Over New Miniseries About 1993 Branch Davidian Standoff

Photo by Greg Smith/CORBIS/Corbis via Getty Images

The city of Waco is up in arms following the news of a new miniseries to air in January on the Paramount Network. “Waco” stars Taylor Kitsch as infamous cult leader David Koresh and will retell the story of the 51-day standoff that occurred during the Branch Davidian compound siege which lead to a fire killing 76 people in 1993. The Branch Davidians had been suspected of physical and sexual abuse and weapons violations, which lead up to the raid by law enforcement and US military.

Waco residents feel the new series will just unnecessarily re-open deep wounds left from the tragic incident. “What good is it going to do?” city spokesperson Larry Holze asks the Chronicle. “Anytime you have the tragedy of death, especially of children, that’s one of those things you hate to bring up. It’s one of those sad parts of our history.”

In addition to re-hashing old wounds, locals fear the series and its misleading title (the fiery siege actually occurred 11 miles outside of Waco) may negatively impact the public view of the city, which has recently experienced a surge in tourism after the success of HGTV home décor show “Fixer Upper” which is based in Waco.