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Amazon Jobs, School bus Safety and Pomegranates | October 16th, 2017

Photo By Emmanuel Dunand | Getty Images

Donald Trump raised 10.1 million dollars in the 3rd quarter for reelection. The campaign also spent $4 million during the same time period, 1.1 million dollars of that went to legal fees. The legal fees cover the Russian interference investigation including Donald Trump Jr’s involvement. With most candidates waiting two years to raise money for re-election, we ask if is it too soon to be raising capital.




Austin is looking like a frontrunner in the race for a second Amazon headquarters. Amazon announced last month that it would be looking for a 2nd headquarters in the US and invited cities to compete for its business. Despite ranking low on the list due to traffic issues, the city ranks high on quality of life and human capital. Many other cities including San Antonio have removed themselves from the running citing, Amazon would not be a net positive investment for the tax base.

 The Mopac Express Lanes are open and it has not been smooth sailing. We heard from a landscaping truck that backed up traffic due to a faulty hitch pin, and many drivers that claim the express lane traveled at slower speeds than the rest of traffic. The lane has seen rush hour tolls as high as 8 dollars to combat the crush. Don gives us his take on the lanes, but be warned that he wasn’t paying attention to the price.  

Austin has a problem with drivers passing school busses while loading and unloading. The city has finned over 24,000 in Austin to date with tickets costing $300 per incident. So far Austin drivers have paid $3.8 Million in fines.  We discuss the issue of safety and figure out if our caller Mark is setting a good example for his kid when he fights a ticket on technicality.

Bowe Burghdal said in an interview, that he cannot get a fair trial after candidate Donald Trump called him a traitor. Burghdal claims he walked 18 miles away from base to report “leadership problems” with the unit. If convicted, Burghdal could face 5 years in prison.

Today’s viral video shows a teacher losing it over pomegranates. The teacher appears to be addressing her class syllabus when she screams that there are to be no pomegranates in her class. We discuss the sheer craziness of her actions.


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