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The Drag, Jerusalem Embassy, and Millennial Movie Goers | December 6th, 2017

Photo by David Butow | Corbis via Getty Images

Hour one: A Quinnipiac University Poll shows 29% of Americans approve of the Republican tax plan, the same university predicted Trump would lose the 2016 election, we asked if you support the tax plan.

 A Minnesota mayor cry’s when being challenged on White Privilege; U.S. officials say President Donald J. Trump will recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital today; The family involved in the hill country road rage incident has opened up about the dangerous incident; The US House of Representatives will vote on a new gun bill to allow persons to conceal carry across state lines; and austin officials announced a $33 Million plan to fix #TheDrag by removing traffic lanes and dedicating more space to pedestrians and bicycles.

Hour two: Austin Sports and Entertainment has proposed a redesign of the Travis County Expo Center; Google is removing YouTube access from Amazon FireTV devices; UPS workers in Boston are planning to protest over mandatory 70 hour work weeks during the holidays; Jeff Flake, a republican, is making waves on social media after announcing his support of Roy Moore's democratic rival; we revisit our discussion on the push for a national law to protect conceal carry laws in states where no prohibitions exists; Austin city council is concerned about the traffic impact of a plan to bring an additional 3,500 employees into the #Texas Capital Complex; you may soon be able to order pizza and beer from Dominos, he company is testing a program to deliver alcohol with customers’ orders; and Gregg Roman, Director of Middle East Forum, stops by the Todd and Don Show.

Hour three: We play #TrumpTweets; Immigrant arrests at the US / Mexico border are down by 25% during the first 10-months of the Trump administration; Cinemark is rolling out its updated movie club to entice Millennials, we take your calls and ask what you think; AISD is backing away from plans to shutter or consolidate six schools in 2018, the schools’ claim that not enough resources were provided to first boost enrollment; and Don has a small senior moment as we try to drag him into the 21st century. 


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