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Drugs, DACA and Handouts | October 9th, 2017

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FEMA administrator Brock Long says that he has “Filtered out” San Juan’s mayor, Carmen Yulin Cruz’s, comments on social media. Long says the comments are a political distraction to the cleanup efforts and they are having a lot of success with the governor. Due to the dilapidated state of the electrical grid in Puerto Rico, Long says efforts to restore power are hampered with every passing thunderstorm.

Amazon is looking to enter the prescription drug home delivery business. Would you use the new service?

Unlike many of Amazon’s latest market accusations, the idea of selling pharmaceuticals is still very much a question of “if” and not “when”. Amazon has hired consultants to investigate the issue and already sells medical devices. The pharmacy chain of drugs is an entirely different process. The company has until thanksgiving to report is whether or not it will pursue moving into this space.

The debate over DACA has come up again with the added caveat of border wall funding. Central to the passage of a pathway to citizen ship is the white house’s insistence that legislation bus include funding for the border wall with Mexico. With Mexico refusing to pay for the boarder wall and bills in the legislature punting boarder wall bills, this may be Trumps next best vehicle to accomplish one of his top campaign promises.

Harvey Weinstein was fired from his independent film studio over growing allegations of sexual harassment. His accusers claim that he had masturbated in front of a client after cornering them in a restaurant, and asked a freelance writer to jump into a bath with him after showing up at his hotel room for a meeting. The studio will be run by his brother after studio executives worried the scandal would affect the company.

The City of Austin is considering a new program to subsidize the cost of solar panels for low income residents. The city would spend up to $500,000 dollars to help cover the cost of solar panel installation for low income households that would not qualify for the federal tax credit.

We honor the late great Tom Petty on #Trumptweets. You would think that our listeners would figure it out by now that Patrick does not make it easy. 


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