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Express Buses, Speed Bumps, and Letters of Impeachment | November 15th, 2017

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Hour one: Texas State University has suspended all greek-life organizations in the wake of a pledge’s death; Riders are very satisfied with the new CapMetro ATX’s Express route from Round Rock to #downtown; Austin City Council is considering a new plan to increase bus ridership amidst a 20-year low; Roy Moore claims the sexual assault allegations against him are a #plot to keep him from going to Washington;  California school officials at an Elementary school in Rancho Tehama are being credited for saving children’s lives, when staff heard gunfire they put the school on lockdown; and when Austin Police arrested a Esther Shim for driving into a business, she allegedly stated, " I'm a UT student, you can't arrest me."

Hour two: Barbara Comstock spoke in front spoke in-front of the House Administration Committee and a accused two un named members of indecent contact; Forever21 says some of their 815 stores exposed customers information to hackers, but will not say what stores were affected; Austin looks to slowdown drivers cutting through neighborhoods to get around #traffic, We ask what you think should be done.

Todd asks if it is appropriate to fire employees who flirt with each other;  and the Circuit of the Americas if looking to compete with Trail of Lights by hosting their very own #WinterWonderland.

Hour three: We pit George H.W. Bush v Donald Trump on #TrumpTweets; A campaign on the social media platform @gofundme, has raised $75,000 for #julibriskman, the woman who lost her job for flipping off the President’s motorcade; Cheryle Moses, a black woman who founded Urban MediaMakers is making waves with her new networking event, “Come Meet a Black Person”;  We discuss solutions for drivers in Austin cutting through neighborhoods to avoid traffic; and Rep SteveCohen has introduced articles of impeachment accusing President Donald Trump of Violating the Constitution.


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