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Gun Seizures, Electric Ride-Sharing, Gay Wedding Cakes | December 5th, 2017

Photo by Hagen Hopkins/Getty Images

Hour one: San Marcos Police Officer Kenneth Copeland, 58, was fatally shot when he and a small contingent of officers were ambushed; Austin is in the running as a possible location for Amazon's HQ2, With traffic problems, the rising cost of housing, and the lack of mass transit infrastructure, we asnk If you think ATX has a real chance at winning the bid for HQ2.

 Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve is asking the public to not #decorate cedar trees on its land; a woman has come forward to accuse Rep John Conyers of groping her while at church; Pamela Anderson slams female victims of sexual abuse saying women who went to hotel rooms alone with predator producer Harvey Weinstein knew what they were getting into; and USA TODAY reports that 4,000 orders have been issued for federal agents repossess guns from persons who should not have been able to purchase them.

Hour two: Mitt Romney is warning that a win for Roy Moore ,"a stain on the GOP and on the nation,” Todd and Don discuss with callers the age of consent and if it ok for a teenager to date or marry older; Apple has launched Apple Pay Cash with the latest 11.2 software update; YouTube promises to hire more video reviewers to monitor content aimed at children; Snapchat has launched a feature to warn users if a hashtag they are searching for is associated with abusive content towards animals; Trey Gowdy accuses the FBI investigators involved in the Mueller investigation of having strong anit-Trump bias; The Washington Post is reporting the story of a woman who has come forward claiming to have had a consensual-relationship with Roy Moore when she was 17; Nancy Pelosi has said the GOP tax plan would be Armageddon for Americans; we continue our discussion of a possible amazon HQ2; and VW looks to compete with Uber with the Moia, a new ride-sharing electric minibus.

Hour Three: We play #TrumpTweets with our most enthusiastic contestant ever; Todd and Don discuss the case being heard at the Supreme Court today between a Colorado baker, Jack Phillips, and a couple he refused to bake a custom cake for their wedding; Donald J. Trump has scaled back two national monuments in Utah by 1.9 million acres; more research looks to fill in unknown data on usage data of pedestrians and cyclists; and former President Barack Obama says we need more #women in positions of power.


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