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Helicopter Parents, Questionable Holidays and Guns | 10/05/17

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Todd and Don Show Hour One: we discuss the new details of the #VegasShooter. The sheriff believes that new evidence must point to an accomplice. A room service bill and the amount of supplies Steven Paddock amassed lead Sheriff Joe Lombardo to believe that a second person must be involved. Investigators admit this is just a theory and there is little evidence to support it.

For the Daily Poll we ask: "Daily Poll: Do you want to know #immediately if your child acts up up at #School?"

The app “Class Dojo” which allows helicopter parents to be instantly notified of student’s actions at school. This could be used to comment on the student’s good behavior, or any time the child acts up in class. The teacher would monitor the students’ progress on a tablet. The software would then automatically send push notifications to the parents enrolled in the app. While the software is free for teachers, parents could be charged a fee for access to the information. Would you play more to check in on your prince/ princess?



Todd and Don Show Hour Two: Equifax is granted a new temporary government contract as congress investigates its massive security breach. The contract is a temporary solution until another vendor can be sourced because as the contract says, “Equifax is the only vendor that can perform the functions of a critical service that should not be allowed to lapse.” The service included in the contract would provide critical security services to the IRS.

Many states around the country are considering the replacement of Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day. The most recent city to make the switch is Los Angeles.  The fight for the switch centers on the falsehood that Columbus discovered North America, and the slaughter of native peoples.


Todd and Don Show Hour Three: Todd and Don discuss Tannerite and its uses. It was discovered that Paddock had stock pilled 50 lbs of Tannerite. The product is commonly used for hunting but is its chemical components, ammonium nitrate, was responsible for the explosion in West, Texas, which killed 15 people, including first responders. Todd and Don discuss non-prescribed uses of the product and whether or not it is “hickish.”   

We play Trump v the Juice on #TrumpTweets. That's right folks, with O.J. Simpson out on probation; we thought it was only appropriate to pit him against Donald Trump today. It's a quick game again as Patrick’s questions are on point. 

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