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The Rundown | September 19th, 2017

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On today’s show:

Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority claims they will have north bound lanes of Mopac open by this weekend. Ah ha, ah ha, ah ha … good one Mopac, not falling for that old trick again. Todd and Don express their skepticism and I was disappointed we didn’t get a flood of calls to complain about the issue.

A city of Austin probe for they Mary Lou Rodriguez used tax payer’s time to run her own jewelry business. Rodriguez claims that she only worked on her lunch hour, but there are email trails to prove that was an outright lie. She even went so far as to use her work space as a staging ground for photographing the merchandise. I get having a side hustle, but that means you do it on your own time. If she had just been using the office after hours and on weekends, I would be a little more sympathetic.

We get Austin’s reaction to a new report that finds that women pay more for insurance. Todd educates Don about the current cost of insuring a freshly minted teenage driver.  

Don sure does tend to disagree vehemently with the most random topics. Today Don takes on the idea of delayed adolescence in the technology age. According to a new report, the age of when today’s youth transition from adolescence has moved back about three years. Besides being less likely to drink or smoke; teens are less likely to drive, hold after school jobs and date.

I think this another example of young adults being asked to accomplish more than their parents, and are getting blamed when it takes them longer to do so.  I didn’t learn to drive until I was 19 because my parents would only teach me how to drive until I could afford to pay for insurance, gas and mechanical up keep on a car. I sure as hell could not do that in high school while I was working on the robotics team after school and helping my aunts fix up their houses on the weekends and over summer.

When I went to college, the great recession was just getting started. This meant, my college savings fund my parents managed to scrape together lost 70% of its value right as I needed to use it. Instead of going to my first choice college, I attended community college and then university. In the meant time I moved cross county and worked almost full time for TSA (try going to school when you work for the federal government.)

Was I lazy getting here, I don’t think so. It’s like my grandma says, “life is what happens while you’re making plans.”

Dang it, another long rant. Listen to the Full Podcast here to get my voice out of your head. 

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