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The Rundown | September 20th, 2017

Photo by Drew Angerer | Getty Images

President Trump spoke with the UN general assembly yesterday. Paul Bonicelli stoped by and discussed Trumps speech to the UN. Bonicelli says that trump understands that the UN is not above local governments. The outcome of the speech is that other nations will be put on notice that we will not accept a raw deal any longer.

A local pastry shop is receiving criticism after enforcing its gun policy on the wrong CDL holder. The patron was Robert Fargo, the author of the blog” The Truth About Guns.” Fargo claims that he was not asked to disarm before he was escorted out. I don’t think our listeners realize our station is a gun free zone.

Either way, I don’t understand the Texas gun culture. I’m a outsider who just prefers to not think about all the guns around me. That being said, it’s a private business, Fargo didn’t need to be given any additional courtesies. He walked past a warning sign when he entered the shop and still did not disarm. It’s a jerk move to immediately call the cops, but it’s not illegal.

Walmart is launching a feature for online grocery orders to be paid for by EBT at pickup. Don, thinks that this is unnecessary luxury for the poor. Why can’t they just go shopping like people have always done? I think this is handy for the metro access busses that run. They can pick up their passengers who will have their groceries ordered and when the bus pulls up, an employee can run out, charge for the groceries on the bus, and send them on their way. This would make the access vans more efficient, because they wouldn’t have to wait for their customers to finish shopping.

We learned that Austin city council can use the remainder of their travel budget on non-travel related expenses. While many of the council members didn’t vote for the additional funds, they still use the money on pet projects, while other find auxiliary offices in their districts.
UT’s effort to increase its on time graduation rates has positive results. The graduation rate went from 50 to 66%. That increase is shy of the official goal of 70%, but an improvement never the less. Talking about graduation rates, the national average university rate is 40%.

Police are on the hunt for “The Mad Pooper”, a woman who is defecating on lawns as she run in a Colorado neighborhood. She has been relieving herself once a week for the last seven weeks. While police have photos of the runner and a general description, but no solid leads have come up.

The good samaritan who thwarted an attempted robbery is now being sued by the robber. The argument is once the robber was disabled, it is excessive force to continue attacking him. What do you think should happen to the good samaritan.  

A viral video shows a woman going mad over a veteran’s service animal in a restaurant. She goes on a rant about the dog being dirty and disgusting. Apparently she has never heard of the Americans with disability act. What is your #reaction?

This and more on todays podcast.

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