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School Absenteeism, High Water Bills, and Pole Dancing | October 17th, 2017

Photo by Justin Sullivan | Getty Images

Donald Trump tweeted out that he would like to see Hillary Clinton run again for President. Besides the fact that Hillary Clinton’s political career is probably finished, I cannot see her getting past a primary. Do you think she should run, or is this all just Trump s way of gloating that he could win again? We ask your opinion in our twitter poll.

AISD has a big problem with chronic absenteeism, part of its latest efforts to solve the problem include tweeting out flyers that provide parents tips on how to help. These include having children’s clothes ready to go, not scheduling dentist appointments during school hours, and forcing your children to go to school if unless they are “ truly sick.” Do you think these tips will help? We aren’t so sure that they will.

An Ohio State university poll finds that Dads are not contributing to child rearing on the weekend. The study found that on days where couples where not working, fathers could be found relaxing while mothers would be doing house work and watching after the children. If men were looking after the children, the female was very likely to be involved in the same task.

Todd and Don discuss allegations of high water bills out of Circle C. According to an interview in the statesman, resident’s hare getting hit with bills that are 15 times higher than the month before. Do you think this is a scam run by the city to get more money, or an honest billing error? We take your calls.

Poll dancing may become an Olympic sport. The Global Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF) confirmed yesterday that it has given observer status to the International Pole Sports Federation (IPSF) in a move which sets out a “clear pathway” towards full Olympic recognition. Todd and Don discuss this wonderful development.

Today we have Donald J. Trump v Larry Flint on #TrumpTweets. Since Flint put a bounty on damning evidence, Patrick thought it only suiting to dig up some damning tweets.  


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