Cedar Park Cop back on duty after getting shot

Cedar Park Police officer Nik Anderson returns to duty after getting shot

A Cedar Park Police Officer is back on duty this week after suffering a gun shot wound back in August.

Officer Nik Anderson was one of three officers shot and wounded while responding to a call where a man was holding his family hostage.

While that incident ended peacefully, Officer Anderson still had to undergo surgery to repair his arm.

His road to recovery far is from overso officials have assigned him to light-duty.

Speaking to reporters, Anderson said, his 5-year-old son caught him putting on his uniform and badge for the first time in three months and after Anderson explained he was headed back to work, the boy asked, “‘Are you going to get shot again?'”

Anderson said, that was a difficult question for a son to ask his father, and an even harder one for a father to answer.

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