Air Quality in Austin, Texas!

Air Quality in Austin, Texas!

Ever wonder what the Air Quality Index is all about? CAPCOG, the Capital Area Council of Governments, represents 10 counties surrounding Travis County. They help multiple counties collaborate and plan for economic development, emergency preparedness, and air quality. Have you heard of ground level ozone? Austin actually has a season for it, March through November. Sensitive groups, young children with pre-existing conditions and our older population, should reduce exposure. Plus, we can try and reduce emissions. If you can, drive less, use electric, car-pool, and limit your time outside.


Anton Cox, from CAPCOG, talks Air Quality in Austin.

Need some tips on how to best survive horrible Air Quality days in Austin? Want to help Austin with it’s Air Quality? Anton tells you all about this and more on this episode of Local Insights. Spread the word!


Air Quality Index.

If you’re in a sensitive group that needs to worry about the daily air quality in Austin, check the Air Quality Index! Visit to see the AQI and get tips on how to reduce your emissions.

Air Quality Index


Do you know YOUR impact on regional air quality?

Air Central Texas has a tool that helps you identify the activities causing the most emissions. You can prioritize actions to reduce your impact. Check it out on their website!

Air Quality Calculator


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Volunteer For Drive A Senior ATX!

Have you heard of ‘Drive A Senior ATX’? They are an Austin-are nonprofit that help coordinate transportation for our aging population. Hear all about them on this episode of Local Insights!

Drive A Senior ATX

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