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Rational Radio with Dale Dudley

Dale returns for more discussion on the investigation into President Trump's alleged dealings with Russia.
Dale is tired of trying to conform to KLBJ-AM's more conservative standards.
Dale and Eric discuss a judge's interruption during a trial by jury to exclaim how God told him a defendent was innocent.
Today's episode covers illegal immigrants and pornstar Stormy Daniels's interaction with Donald Trump pre-presidency.
Dale reveals his conspiracy theory that President Trump doesn't actually weigh 239 pounds like his recent physical evaluation states.
Eric and Kenny Rahmeyer fill in for Dale on this very icy day in Austin, TX. Topics include sanctuary cities and President Trump's physical...
Eric lets Spencer fill in with him in this episode wherein they discuss recent allegations of sexual misconduct against comedian Aziz Ansari.
Dale and Eric discuss Dale's humble beginnings. his growth and how it has shaped his career.
Dale and Eric discuss checking your news sources and how you are always being monitored.
Dale and Eric discuss Trump's effort to toughen libel and slander laws, the future of cryptocurrencies (especially in Austin), robots taking over,...