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Adler: refugees still welcome in Austin


Business leaders and community leaders continue to heap criticism on President Donald Trump's temporary travel ban on 7 predominately Muslim nations; including Austin Mayor Steve Adler.

Adler says the city is continuing to welcome Syrian refugees as President Trump's executive order banning Muslims from certain middle East and African nations goes into effect nationwide. Adler says taking those refugees in does nothing to affect how safe the city already is. "We have brought in 700 refugees almost last year, same number this year and never had any problems."

Adler says 80 percent of the refugees have been women and children with the men as members of the families. He says the refugees are already becoming an important part of the community.
"We have several hundred refugees in this community that came from Syria that are being integrated into our community and participated in our community."

Adler says the city is expected to take in about 700 refugees this year in addition to the 700 welcomed last year.

Adler acknowledges the differences of opinion in this issue within the community. "There's a lot of rhetorical flourish and emotional debates going on. We're focused on safety. That's really what we're focused on."

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