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Austin Energy residential customers have second lowest average bills in state

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With affordability a key concern in the ever-growing Austin area, Austin Energy is helping make the region more livable through low residential electric bills.
The latest federal data shows that an Austin Energy residential customer with average use had the second-lowest bill in Texas when compared to all major electric providers in 2015.
“Lower electric bills help all of our customers in meeting their basic needs for power, light and comfort,” said Austin Energy General Manager Jackie Sargent.  “The City Council has set goals for affordability and competitiveness that guide our long-term planning and our daily operations. Reducing our rates and promoting our robust energy efficiency programs ensures that customers can better manage their energy costs and household budgets.”
The federal data shows that the bill for an Austin Energy residential customer with average use in 2015 came in at $97 a month.
The state average for monthly residential bills was $136. Austin Energy’s average bill was 28 percent lower than the state average and lower than all bordering retail providers.
“Just as there is a benefit for our customers, low residential electric bills help us stay competitive with our peers,” said Vice President of Regulatory Affairs and Corporate Communications Mark Dreyfus.
These low bills are a result of Austin Energy’s decades of work in energy efficiency, weatherization and demand reduction programs and new, diverse housing stock. With the combination of the increased multifamily development in the city and building codes that focus on efficiency, Austin Energy customers also had the second lowest average use for 2015 in the state, according to the same federal data.
Austin Energy offers a multitude of residential energy efficiency programs to help customers save money, commercial energy efficiency programs to help businesses lower their use, demand response programs to help shift peak demand, renewable options to help customers go green and technology initiatives to help customers make the most of their electricity. Austin Energy also offers a variety of programs for customers in need.
“As a community-owned utility, we are able to offer our customers programs that help them save money,” said Dreyfus. “We provide value that goes beyond just reliable electricity.”
For more information on residential rates and how to save, visit the Austin Energy website.
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