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Austin has one of the largest concentrations of STEM jobs

Austin has the 6th largest concentration of STEM related jobs across the country.

That's according to the Austin Chamber commerce's Beverley Kerr. Diving into the latest jobs data she reported, the STEM field makes up more than a 10th of the Austin Round Rock Metro's careers. "There's about 100 STEM occupations, and the Median (salary) across them in Austin is almost $89,000 a year," said Kerr. 

But like with all jobs their is a bit of a curve, "A Computer and IS manager in Austin would be earning, the median would be over $140,000." However on the other side of the scale, Kerr reported A Biological technician would rake in about $37,000. By Kerr's count the median salary for Austin jobs that require a bachelors degree is just under $75,000.

For the average worker with a high school diploma, Kerr said the median salary hovers just above $37,000. 

She reported, some of the lowest's paying occupations are personal care aids/ home health aids which make about $25,000 while on the high end would be Detectives or criminal investigators who make $66,000 a year. Kerr noted that worker's prospects would increase wage wise by $17,000 if they got a job that required an associates degree.


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