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Austin inspectors shut down hundreds of construction sites

HBAGA calls it Red Monday

By the Home Builders Association of Greater Austin's count, City of Austin inspectors visited 2,223 construction sites Monday Oct.29th and shut down about 20% of them

After weeks of rain and flooding, construction crews were itching to get back to work. But inspectors dropped by worksites all over the city and "Red Flagged" them, immediately halting construction. The Home Builder's Association of  Greater Austin's David Glenn said they are calling it "Red Monday."

Typically, Glenn explained, when inspectors come by and see a problem, they will give workers 24 hours to fix it before red flagging a project. But that's not what happened Monday.

This suspected change in policy/practice caught several contractors off guard as their sites were shut down on the slightest of offences. Glenn said, the HBAA wants to work with their city partners about any initiatives or changes in policy so they can better educate their industry.

In the meantime, Glenn added, since Monday they have been working with inspectors to rectify the situations across the city and hopes to have all the effected worksites back in operation by Saturday Nov. 3rd.


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