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Austin Travis County Leaders stand up for Sheriff at Sally Rally


Austin and Travis County leaders are standing by Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernandez defiance of Gov. Greg Abbott over her controversial ICE detainer policy with a rally outside of Commissioners Court.

Mayor Steve Adler says the Austin is one of the safest in the country and he believes being a sanctuary city is why. "And what we're doing that is right is that we're following the advice of our public safety professionals. And they tell us one of the reasons that we're one of the safest communities in the country is because ther citizens and residents of our city trust our public safety professionals."

Austin Councilmember Greg Casar is taking on all comers in expectance of a court showdown. "No matter how much Trump or others try to blackmail us by trying to withhold funds, I think that in the end we will see our day in court and show that if we're being asked to do something unconstitutional, we cannot be punished for it with money."

County Judge Sarah Eckhart also expressed support for Hernandez. Hernandez thanked her supporters. "I stand for criminal justice. I stand for public safety and I believe that everyone needs to be protected. I want more than anything for all communities to trust and rely on law enforcement."

Gov. Greg Abbott is working to withhold as much money as possible from the county over its Sanctuary City status. Casar replied ""Courts across the country have upheld that under the fourth amendment you can only be held for probable cause and with a warrant." Casar,  one of the most vocal opponents of the state and federal leaders omitted that that protection is for US Citizens. "And what Sheriff Hernandez and the Austin Police Department and other people clearly follow what is in the constitution. If somebody is a danger then we will hold them with a warrant."


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