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Texas Senate Bill could wreck Austin's MLS deal

State lawmakers will try to advance a bill that could upend Austin's deal for a Major League Soccer stadium.
SB 1771 would let other taxing districts reap the benefits of Austin's deal, which was inked last year with Precourt Sports Ventures and exempts it from paying any property taxes.  

County commissioner Gerald Daugherty is expected to testify in support of the bill Tuesday morning, "they owned the land and they probably had the legal right to make that call. But without doing it with consideration to your other taxing jurisdictions, I think was pretty inconsiderate."
County Judge Sarah Eckhardt says she's not against a soccer team, but noted taxing districts need that revenue to provide city and county services.

AISD and ACC are also cut out of this deal. SB 1771 lets all other taxing entities, including ACC, AISD, and Capital Metro, collect their share of taxes from the new stadium.

If the stadium is deemed as being taxable, Precourt could yank its deal with the City of Austin.

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