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Governor Abbott urges Gulf Coast residents to heed warnings from local officials

Photo: NWS Corpus Christi
As Hurricane Harvey approaches, Governor Greg Abbott today asked that all Texans heed the warnings of local officials, strongly consider all voluntary evacuation orders, and strictly comply with all mandatory evacuation orders. Communities along the Gulf Coast, specifically the Corpus Christi and the Houston areas, are at greatest risk of being impacted by this severe weather. 
 "My priority, as we prepare for Hurricane Harvey, is the safety of those on and near the Gulf Coast," said Governor Abbott. "That is why I am strongly urging all Texans in Harvey’s path to heed warnings and evacuation orders from local officials before this storm makes landfall. My office is coordinating local, state and federal resources to prepare for and respond decisively to this storm—Texans must also take action and treat this storm seriously."
The Governor also asks Texans to review important safety information and the following instructions:
•    Board up doors and windows with plywood or install storm shutters. Keep in mind that winds are stronger at higher elevations, such as high-rise apartments or condos.
•    Bring in outdoor objects that could become deadly missiles, such as patio furniture, hanging plants, trash cans, gardening tools and barbecues.
•    If your home is vulnerable to rising water, move furniture and valuables to a higher level.
•    Before evacuating, cut off your electricity and turn off the gas. Downed electrical wires and broken gas pipes can be deadly and cause serious property damage. Make a final walk-through inspection of your home before leaving.
•    Moor boats securely or move them to designated safe areas well in advance of hurricanes. Do not try to tow a trailer or boat in high winds. 
•    Assemble a family emergency supplies kit and have it ready to go at a moment's notice.  
•    When officials recommend or order an evacuation, leave. Do not try to ride out a hurricane in a high-risk area. Seek shelter inland with family or friends, at a hotel or designated shelter. Notify relatives and friends of your plans, and confirm hotel reservations.
•    Find out where shelters are located along your route in case clogged roads prevent you from reaching your destination. 
•    Look at the evacuation maps for your area ahead of time. 

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