With Ray Seggern

Saturdays | 6 AM - 7 AM


You are the Founder, Owner and CEO of your own business. Its success is fueled by sweat equity. Your DNA is laced within your company’s brand. But running a business is an organic, ever-evolving process, right? Are your employees capably carrying the standards you set? Is your brand more of a “bland?” Are your company’s story, culture and customer experience truly remarkable?

The One Man Brand Radio Show is your weekly hour-long opportunity to unplug from working IN your business. It’s the wake-up call to work ON your business.


We call it The Shovel Saturday, which is why One Man Brand Radio is right at home on the KLBJ airwaves early Saturday mornings.  It’s the soundtrack for the entrepreneur’s Shovel Saturday.  But of course, you can listen anytime online, and catch up on old episodes at

We’ll offer up some big ideas, question and clarify the non-negotiables, and learn through the experience of others what to do next (and sometimes, what not to do). One Man Brand Radio features the entrepreneurial movers and shakers, thought leaders, and the bootstrap-kind of folks you’ll want to emulate.

Hosted by Austin radio vet and marketing maestro Ray Seggern, each show promises to take a slightly skewed and decidedly quirky look at how you can make your business stand out in a noisy, cluttered, oversaturated marketplace

Join us live at 6AM on KLBJ-AM, or download the episodes and listen anytime.