Kim Komando Show

"Kim Komando Show"

Sunday's | 1 PM - 3 PM

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America’s Digital Goddess, Kim Komando, hosts the most listened to weekend program in America! Heard by millions on more than 400 radio stations throughout the USA and Canada every weekend! One the 10 Most Listened to Radio Programs in the United States! If you’re online, if your kids are online, if you own a computer, want or own an HDTV, going hi def DVD or considering a digital media player, you need this show!

If you’re looking to protect your identity, your personal information, or your family’s safety, Kim’s by your side! If you’re stymied by Windows, baffled by Vista, considering a Mac, an iPod, an iPhone, a digital camera or video camera, want to make money online or wondering about one of the hundreds of software packages to handle your digital photos, you need Kim Komando!

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