Retire Ready with REAP Financial

Retire Ready

With Sandra Newman and Chris Heerlein

Of Reap Financial

Saturday's | 2 PM - 3 PM

Sunday's| 3 PM - 4 PM


Retire Ready with REAP Financial is a weekly call-in show designed to educate those who are retirement-minded or already in their retirement years.  Hosted by Sandra Newman, Founder of REAP Financial, and Chris Heerlein, Partner at REAP Financial, Retire Ready discusses everything facing today's retirees. From maximizing your Social Security benefits to portfolio management to minimizing taxes to planning for the future with the best retirement strategies available Sandra and Chris answer all your retirement questions. Retire Ready is also proud to have guest hosts several times a year to bring you in-depth information on topics such as reverse mortgages and the challenges educators face in retirement. 

 “Having the ability to be transparent and connect with the retirees of Central Texas is a tremendous opportunity to explore a range of important topics and interact with listeners in a way that will truly bring value to their financial future” says Sandra. 


Call Sandra, Chris, and REAP Financial with your questions at (512) 249-7300 or visit


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