The Wildflower Hour

"Out on a Limb"

With Tom Spencer

Saturday's | 8 AM - 9 AM


Tom Spencer
Tom Spencer, host of The Wildflower Hour, has been answering the gardening questions of News Radio 590's listeners since 1983. The Wildflower Hour focuses on landscape and ornamental gardening with an emphasis on native plants and organic approaches. Spencer was trained as a landscape designer in Houston and worked in the nursery and landscape business for several years before switching to a communications career that includes writing about gardening and hosting "Central Texas Gardener" for Austin's Public Television station, KLRU.

"More than anything, gardening is something I do for the pure joy of it," Spencer says. "I garden because it connects me to the earth and provides a tremendous creative outlet. The Wildflower Hour is a wonderful way for me to share my love of gardening, to help folks out, and to learn a few things myself. Forgive the pun, but I feel that gardening has really blossomed in Central Texas over the course of the past twenty years here in Austin, and I am happy to have played a small role in its growth."

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