Big 10 Football is Back

Big 10 logo on Football Field

Big 10 Football is Back

Well the Big 10 is finally back.  It’s been 35 long days since the Conference put a hold on playing sports due to Covid-19, but the votes are in and they are back!

What will the Football season look like? Each team will play 8 games in 8 weeks, starting on October 24th.  The 8-week schedule, barring any sort of set back, will end before Dec. 20th Selection Day, in hopes that any team has a chance to be part of the College Football Playoffs.

A couple other things to note: Any player who tests positive for Covid must be quarantined for 21-days before returning to the field. If the teams positivity rate goes beyond 5% the team must halt any sort of practice or competition for seven days at the least, if teams positivity rate is between 2%-5% they must proceed with caution and enhance Covid protections.

Every Big Ten school can conduct cardiac MRI screenings for myocarditis, one of the main reasons why these conferences put a hold on returning to competition.

Daily rapid testing will begin on Sept. 30th on all campuses. Test results must be completed and recorded prior to each practice or game.

Did you get all that?

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