Cowboys Improbable Comeback

Cowboys Improbable Comeback

That is really the best way I can describe what the heck happened on Sunday afternoon. I don’t think I have ever seen a crazier onside kick since GB-SEA NFC Championship game where it bounced off the Green Bay receivers helmet and into the hands of my Hawks! WHY DID NO ONE FROM ATLANTA PICK UP THE BALL!?

There is plenty of talk about how Atlanta blew this lead (which they did) and Dallas had no business winning that game.  To that I say “False”, because it takes heart to come back like that… and a little luck, but more than anything, it’s heart.  Being at home, in front of actual humans, feeling the pressure of losing creeping in, some teams would fold up under those circumstances… not this team, not these players.



What is not talked about enough is what set up that onside kick. Less than 2 minutes left in the game, staring at a potential 0-2 start, momentum shifting back to the Falcons, Dak Prescott used everything he had left in him, lowering his helmet in front of a sea of lineman to punch it in and score. I am sure you all have seen plenty of QB sneaks to score, but how many of them with the game potentially on the line like that?… As some of you may have seen later in the night ie. Seahawks-Patriots on Sunday Night Football, those aren’t always a gimmie.

So that QB sneak and score sets up the onside kick… and the rest is history!

Dallas by an inch of fake grass, wins the game and heads to Seattle 1-1 instead of 0-2 and potentially looking at an 0-3 start.

Also, Everson Griffen wins best reaction of all time.


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