Week 3: Top 5/ Bottom 5!

QB Lamar Jackson

Week 3: Top 5/ Bottom 5!

Week 2 is in the books!  You know what that means… NEW TOP 5/ BOTTOM 5 RANKINGS!

Ed Clements:

  1. Ravens
  2. Chiefs
  3. Seahawks
  4. Cardinals
  5. Rams


  1. Panthers
  2. Lions
  3. Vikings
  4. Jets
  5. Giants

(A fair amount of NFC West teams filling up Ed’s top 5)….

Brother B-DOE:

1 CHIEFS – they will remain here until they lose

2 RAVENS – *see above* (prediction… #1 and #2 will be switched next week)

3 SEAHAWKS – MVP candidate Dangeruss

4 CARDINALS – MVP candidate Kyler (ou sucks) Murray

5 PACKERS – Aaron Rodgers… MVP talk with strong showing vs. NO this week


28 EAGLES – even Santa Claus would throw batteries at this team

29 PANTHERS – a CMCless team is a panther sans teeth​

30 TEXANS – did yer GM fire yer coach yet or vice versa? til then, or a win, it’s bottom feeder city, baby 

31 COWBOYS – use the word dominance with a “win” over the Falcons and you deserve this ranking

32 VIKINGS – they will stay here until they win​

Sir, Jason Dick:

1 Chiefs

2 Ravens

3 Seahawks

4 Packers

5 Bills


28 Giants

29 Lions

30 Bengals

31 Broncos



There you have it, folks.  Feel free to tell them how totally wrong or how absolutely right they are with these picks… definitely some interesting choices up there.

See how they differed from last weeks choices!

Be sure to check back EVERY Tuesday during Football season to see the guys’ updated rankings!


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