Is it ‘Bubble Time’ for the NFL?

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Is it Bubble Time for the NFL?

With the Titans having yet another player test positive today, that brings their total up to a whopping 23 positive cases since Sept. 24th. This is all due to some off site workout they did after the Titans closed their facilities… because of some positive covid tests. So between Las Vegas Raiders getting fined for showing up to a charity event maskless, the Patriots are suffering after arguably their two best players are out due to covid (Cam Newton, Stephon Gillmore), the Titans situation, and a slue of other players around the league testing positive. Is it time for the NFL to move to a bubble?

The NBA, WNBA, NHL and even the MLS have all but proved that a bubble works. The MLB sort of did a bubble and even they had trouble in the beginning, they still made it to the end of their season with very few issues by mid-season.

The more these issues pop up in the NFL the more nightmare scenario in scheduling it will be.

It really will come down to the players allowing the season to be put on hold until the NFL and the NFLPA can come to an agreement on a bubble system, since it is the players themselves that have been against the bubble from the get-go. Until then, accountability is the name of the game, and so far it hasn’t been great.

What do you think?  Should the NFL switch to a bubble system?

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