Austin City Council Members Propose Decriminalizing Low-level Pot Possession

Joints and marijuana buds

  • Austin City Councilmember Greg Casar has put forward a resolution that proposes the decriminalization of low-level marijuana offenses
  • Last year, House Bill 1325 was signed into law which made hemp legal for farming
  • Since then, it has been difficult for law enforcement to distinguish between marijuana and hemp which has led to many district attorneys to not prosecute low-level marijuana charges
  • Under the resolution, Austin police would not be able to issue citations or fines for misdemeanor marijuana possession or make arrests unless the subject poses a danger to the public
  • Even further, the resolution would not allow time or money spent on pursuing new testing methods required to distinguish hemp from marijuana
  • And in misdemeanor cases in which a suspect did not intend to sell, testing for THC would be prohibited
  • The resolution is co-sponsored by Council Members Delia Garza, Jimmy Flannigan and Natasha Harper-Madison, who, along with Greg Casar, make up the council’s judicial committee
  • In order to pass the resolution, two more council members’ vote would be needed
  • The resolution will be up for a vote at the council’s meeting on January 23


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