Weekday Schedule


12:00AM- 4:00AMCoast to Coast AM with George Noory
4:00AM- 5:00AMAmerica in the Morning with Jim Bohannon
5:00AM- 10:00AMAustin's Morning News with Mark, Ed, and Sgt. Sam
10:00AM- 11:00AMTodd and Don
11:00AM- 2:00PMRush Limbaugh
2:00PM- 3:00PMTodd and Don
3:00PM- 6:00PMJeff Ward
6:00PM- 7:00PMJeff Ward and Ed Clements
7:00PM- 9:00PMCoast to Coast AM with George Noory
9:00PM- 12:00AMGround Zero with Clyde Lewis

Saturday Program Schedule


12:00AM- 6:00AMCoast to Coast AM
6:00AM- 7:00AMWall Street Journal This Weekend
7:00AM- 8:00AMMoney Matters with Ken Moraif
8:00AM- 9:00AMThe Wildflower Hour with Tom Spencer
8:06AMKLBJ Roving Gourmet with Rob Balon
9:00AM- 11:00AMGardening Naturally with John Dromgoole
10:06 AMKLBJ Roving Gourmet with Rob Balon
11:00AM- 12:00PMThe Mutual Fund Show
12:00PM- 2:00PMThe Car Pro Show
2:00PM- 3:00PMRetire Ready with REAP Financial
3:00PM- 4:00PMThe Real Estate Zone with John McClellan and Kevin Bown
3:06KLBJ Roving Gourmet with Rob Balon
4:00PM- 5:00PMMoney Talk with Carl Stuart
5:00PM- 6:00PMHealthy Choices with People's Pharmacy
6:00PM- 7:00PMWeekends with Kenny Rahmeyer
7:00PM- 8:00PMSaturday Night Rewind with Mark, Ed, Sgt. Sam
8:00PM- 9:00PMThe Best of Todd and Don
9:00PM- 12:00AMThe Best of Coast to Coast AM

Sunday Program Schedule


12:00AM- 6:00AMCoast to Coast AM
6:00AM- 6:30AMInfomercial
6:30AM- 7:00AMSafe Money Radio
7:00AM- 7:30AMLutheran Hour
7:30AM- 8:00AMReligion by the Southwest Church of Christ
8:00AM- 10:00AMGardening Naturally with John Dromgoole
10:06AMKLBJ Roving Gourmet with Rob Balon
10:00AM- 11:00AMThe Austin Gardener with Sheryl McLaughlin
11:00AM- 12:00PMThe Doctor Dan Show
12:00PM- 2:00PMThe Kim Komando Show
2:00PM- 3:00PMMoney Matters with Ken Moraif
3:00PM- 4:00PMReal Estate Radio with Steakley and Stubbs
4:00PM-5:00PMSeton Healthline
5:00PM- 6:00PMRetire Ready with REAP Financial
6:00PM- 8:00PMBeyond the Beltway
8:00PM- 9:00PMWeekends with Kenny Rahmeyer
9:00PM- 10:00PMThe Car Pro Show
10:00PM- 12:00AMCoast to Coast AM