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POTUS reminds NATO members to pay up & a local boy wrongly accused of sexual assault finds grace-that and more today on the Todd & Don show!...
A man without a home claims to be living a a quality of life far above the rest of us.
Who said it - Trump of HUD Secretary Ben Carson?
Every week our own Don Pryor flies across the country to get the real story on big-shot politicos, celebrity A-listers and the like. Today Don out-...
Texas Congressman Michael McCaul says we need to stop Jihadist terrorists from getting into the United states. That & more today on the T&D...
New York Times best selling author, former special agent and VP of Stratfor Intel gathering joins the show to talk about the leak of exchanged...
Who said it - Trump or the man with the ball...the man who can throw it faster than, well, you know. Kenny Powers goes in the octagon with the POTUS.
Todd walked in at the last minute before today's show leading Don to break his own breath holding record.
If only SNL was year-round, this story would clearly be the obvious pick for this week's cold open.
UK officials don't want to give us anymore details and the throwdown showdown in Montana.