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2 month old baby dies by pitbull and Don's EXCLUSIVE interview Bruce Jenner! Check it out here!
STAAR Testing troubles, Bruce Jenner's interview with Diane Sawyer and Lobster Restaurant despises hollering kids!
Tulsa Deputy Robert Bates issues an apology today to family. Do you accept?
ESPN anchor has a blondie moment, plus Drones a problem in Austin?
Adrian Peterson reinstated by the NFL, plus a 35 year old mom in trouble for Naked Twister party with teenage boys!
How would you feel if truancy wasn't against the law anymore in Texas?
BEST OF: Would you cut a 4 year-old boy's penis? Plus... the infamous cornbread segment!
Would it be considered sexual assault if a Gay TSA Agent fondles other men at the Airport? Plus, is the term "5 Black Guys" offensive?