DC Pro Trump Protests turn into Riots

Riots in DC

Thousands of President Trump’s supporters stormed the U-S Capitol and forced the evacuation of Congress during the certification of the 20-20 presidential election results. The demonstrations became violent as a mob of rioters breached security and entered the Capitol building.

The President’s supporters falsely claim that the election was stolen…but there is no credible evidence of widespread election fraud. While continuing to falsely insist that the election was rigged, the President told rioters to “go home.” The mayor of Washington, D.C. has ordered a 6pm curfew in the nation’s capital. One protester was shot during the capital building breach, she later died. DC Metro police are investigating.

In Austin, Trump Supporters rallied at the Texas Capital grounds, which have since been closed off to the public with DPS Troopers standing guard.

Governor Greg Abbott’s Office released a statement condemning the violence in DC and demands it stop.

Austin City Councilmember Greg Casar made his own statement on twitter, decrying the rallies and those participating’s actions, calling it an attempted Coup, and White Supremacy. Casar went on to blame Texas officials for what’s happening specifically calling out Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and US Sen. Ted Cruz.

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