St. David’s Providing More COVID-19 Testing


St. David’s Healthcare announced this week it will now offer COVID-19 diagnostic and antibody testing.

Diagnostic testing is available for those experiencing coronavirus-like symptoms, such as fever, cough, shortness of breath, and headache. The hospital system does offer an online screening tool that will evaluate risk and provide recommendations based on symptoms. If recommended for diagnostic testing, patients will be asked to chek-in from home through the online tool.

An antibody test is also available for people who may have previously been infected with COVID-19 but have since recovered. Typically with other viruses, an antibody test can identify people who have been previously infected, but had mild or no symptoms. Doctors have sayd it is unclear if antibodies actually offer protection from future exposure to COVID-19.

According to a news release, CareNow locations have implemented additional safety measures:

• Visitors: Limit patient companions to only one essential person, if necessary.
• Cleaning: Staff will conduct thorough and regular disinfection of waiting areas, exam rooms and other care areas.
• Screening: All patients and companions will be screened for fever, respiratory symptoms and travel history.
• Social distancing: Extra space is provided between seats in waiting areas, and all patient rooms are private.
• Masking: Masks are required for all patients, visitors and caregivers.
• Web and car check-in: This provides separation between patients upon arrival and promotes social distancing.
• Virtual Care: We offer real-time, fully interactive and secure visits with a provider from a mobile device or computer.

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