Williamson County Increases Mental Health Assistance

People needing emergency assistance in Williamson County are now being offered a new option. Through a partnership between Emergency Services, the Sheriff’s Office, and Bluebonnet Trails Community Services, a qualified mental health provider on the county’s Emergency Communications floor is now available to assist with 911 callers experiencing mental health emergencies.  The service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week throughout the year, officials said.

Callers now are offered the assistance of police, firefighters, emergency medical responders or mental health professionals.

“This is yet another innovative tool we’re able to utilize in our efforts to attend to those needing mental health assistance,” said Precinct 3 Commissioner Valerie Covey. “I’m grateful for the continued partnership with Bluebonnet Trails Community Services and the benefits that this initiative will provide.”

“Having mental health professionals on the 911 Communications floor now allows the appropriate resources to be determined and sent,” said Williamson County Sheriff Mike Gleason. “This allows us to better target specifically which first responders are needed and makes resources available for other calls.”

The mental health professional may also prepare the emergency professionals for what they can expect at the scene.

“Having mental health professionals on the communications floor will be a tremendous resource to the first responders in the field,” said Chris Connealy, senior director of emergency services for Williamson County.

After the initial call for emergency assistance, BTCS also will be following up with callers to connect them with mental health services.

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