C.D.C: Tom Herman Remains Head Coach of The Longhorns


C.D.C: Tom Herman Remains Head Coach of The Longhorns

It certainly has been a weird year on the Forty Acres. Between pandemics, social injustice issues, the Eyes of Texas controversy, players opting out prior/ during the season, early losses, did I miss anything??

Still the issue that holds supreme is the one at the very top, and that would be Tom Herman’s status. Early losses at the start of the season didn’t help, with more and more rumors spilling out about Herman’s departure for the ‘Football Unicorn’ that is Urban Meyer.

But after Urban Meyer broke his silence and said he would NOT be taking any new job, and would be staying on at Fox Sports, you would think that would have dispelled the rumors… the spotlight only grew. Speculations of who would take over IF Herman was fired went 0-100 in 2.4 seconds.

But Saturday that all changed, kind of, we think… Chris Del Conte issued a statement to reiterate that Tom Herman is still the Head Coach of the Longhorns.

So why are we still talking about this? Although the statement above DOES say that Herman is still the coach, it says very little about beyond this season. It is still curious as to what CDC was trying to get at with this, but it seems to have left even more questions than answers.

Tom Herman is 31-18 in his four seasons with the Longhorns, which is obviously an improvement over the Charlie Strong era that saw him go 16-21 in his three seasons. However, after the 2018 Sugar Bowl year, the Longhorns haven’t sniffed another 10-win-season since, and it seems like the program has taken a couple steps in the wrong direction.

Will Tom Herman be the Head Coach next season and beyond? Hard to tell, but thankfully we have months of offseason to speculate and we will eventually get an answer.

Until then…. HOOKEM!

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